If you have Vcenter there is a Nimble plugin for Vcenter that will manage all the. Best Practices for Implementing HPE Nimble Storage with VMware vSphere 7. VMware vSphere enables customers VMware vSphere enables customers to transform existing IT infrastructure into a private cloud. Jan 15, 2021 · New iSCSI ESXi Configuration. 1. In vCenter, select the “ host ” tab in the top left. 2. From the list of hosts on the left, select a host and click on “ Configure ” tab. 3. Select “ Virtual switches ” on the left. 4. Click on “ Add Networking ” button in the top right.. 20 ©2017 Nimble Storage. Connectivity Options iSCSI or FC Usable Capacity Up to 200 TB Deduplication Inline, 8:1 expected Effective Capacity Up to 1.5 PB Read/ Write IOPS Up to 40K SF-Series Product Family—Specs. 21 ©2017 Nimble Storage. Confidential-do not distribute. Setting up MPIO with iSCSI Support using the Control Panel Applet. 1. iSCSI Setup Step . Click on the Discover Multi-Paths tab in the MPIO Properties dialog.Click on Add support for iSCSI devices.. After adding the support for iSCSI devices click the MPIO Devices tab and see the MSFT2005SCSIBusType_0x9 device has been added.. 2.

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